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Dear Authors,

In the 54 years, since the publication of the first issue in 1964, as one of the oldest of the scientific journals in our country, the Archives of Neuropsychiatry survived and adapted to current developments and advanced to an international status by indexing in SCI-E and PubMed.

The decision of charging a publication fee for accepted manuscripts was made with the aim of protecting the scientific status of the journal and continuing uninterrupted publication without the need of external financial resources.

The executive committee of the association has recently updated the publication fees following rearrangements in the publication expenditures. New publication fees, listed in the Instructions for Authors, will be valid for manuscripts submitted after September 1st, 2018.

We hope that your contributions to the journal will continue as they have since 1964.


Betül Yalçiner Erdem Tüzün Cem Atbasoglu
Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society
Neurology Editor Psychiatry Editor


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